Sir Amalanque Aurengris the Ongoing

Capricious eccentric; Member of the Court of the Unmoored


Tall, bald, very slightly stooped, and extremely pale with preternaturally long limbs, his gently glowing violet eyes are somewhat at odds with the funereal impression given by his silhouette. His long robes float about two inches above the ground, trailing behind him, and shift colours depending on his mood: black when he’s bored and/or brooding, and grey when he’s slightly less bored. But he’s always kind of disengaged from the world around him, to the point where he can rarely be bothered to finish a sentence, unless he’s under the influence of talathiragatei or seized by an intellectual whim, in which case he quite enjoys play-acting and melodramatics… although he’s easily distracted and tends to fall in and out of whatever character he’s chosen as his amusement (such as it is) waxes and wanes. He wears an iron ring on his left middle finger, from which a curved, black-tipped claw extends.


Sir Amalanque Aurengris the Ongoing

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